Jim Prentice

for Calgary-Foothills
Vote for Jim Prentice on October 27 as your next MLA for Calgary-Foothills
Commit to Vote Now
I want you to know how honoured I will be to serve the people of Calgary-Foothills as your MLA.
I sought the leadership of the PC Party of Alberta because I believe we can do great things together as a province. My wife Karen and I have been active here since our children were young, and I understand your hopes and expectations for quality education and health care, and for building your businesses, careers and communities.
In a short time, I have put our government under new management. If elected as your MLA, I commit to work equally hard on your behalf, and I look forward to talking to you directly about your priorities in the weeks ahead.
A New Era for Alberta
“We have hard work to do â€“ but I’m optimistic for what Alberta can be.”
-Jim Prentice

Alberta is at the start of a new era. We are taking strong and decisive action to bring real change to how Alberta is governed. Our future prosperity is tied to the demands of competitive and changeable global forces. The opportunities that we face today will shape this province for decades to come.

Jim Prentice is bringing new leadership, new voices and new ways of doing things to Alberta, concentrating on five clear priorities:

• A focused commitment to sound, conservative fiscal principles;
• Ending entitlements and restoring the public trust;
• Maximizing the value of our natural resources sector and respecting property rights;
• Establishing our province as an environmental leader; and
• Increasing Albertan’s quality of life by leading in health care, education and skills training.

In a very short time, our government has started to restore trust with Albertans. But we need your support to meet the challenges ahead and to build our province for the better.

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